Senior Citizen Health

Senior citizen health information and news to keep you up to date on the latest advances in medical.  Learn a little more each day and hopefully, if you use quality care and information, you can keep that doctor away.

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Senior Citizen Travel

Head on over to Senior Citizen Bob's place and find out why you should plan your health and travel insurance strategy while on vacation or on a cruise.

Be prepared and then you can relax and enjoy without the worry of sudden medical costs, lost luggage, trip schedule changes and other potential problems while away from home.

Cell Phones for Seniors

Finding a good cell phone for seniors can be difficult.  Sound quality is important, as well as ease of use, low cost for retirees, and buttons that are not made for children.

Find out more about how you can save money on great cell phones for seniors with or without Internet connection.  Plans as low as 10. a month!

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Elder Care at Home

It can be difficult to find the best elder care at home for your loved one.

You will need to research caregivers, adult family homes and nursing home facilities.

Many seniors prefer to stay at their own home and have caregiver nursing assistants visit or live-in.

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Pets for Seniors

Seniors need love and companionship just like us pets.
Find out more about what makes the best pets for your senior friends, what they can do for your health and longevity and what foods pets really prefer and keep us healthy.

As a furry, lap cat, I will tell you that sometimes I just want my human friends to back off. But anytime catnip is around, I can t resist!

I do not like to be locked out of my house when it is cold or when I want to sleep. So I might claw you if you do that.

I don't like strays any more than you do. But, I do see the wisdom of feeding and providing a space in the garage or carport for a lonely old homeless cat and don't mind sharing a few bites of my special cat food each day.

Learn more about senior pet care and health tips for seniors.